"It was a joy to attend [the artist talk], and I would gladly go back if I could. The mood of the event [was] simply wonderful in an informal kind of relaxed way, a brilliant setup for me, since the kind of stuffy, tight-shirt museums don't really provide that kind of interactive, sightful experience I experienced at the Eagle Nest Gallery."

-NAHS art student Ilysa Noble---















The Eagle Nest Gallery is used as a cultural showcase for the visual arts. As art educators, the goal of the NAHS art department is to bring talented and dedicated artists to our students and our community. By doing so, we hope to inspire our aspiring artists and create a lifelong appreciation for the art world.


Artists or groups are selected through an evaluation of the artist's portfolio. When possible, the artist may be called upon to speak to our students about his/her work.


Interested artists or groups should contact the art department to set up an appointment using the link below.